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I admit, I’m guilty of grabbing the closest bottle opener to open that nice bottle of red. I used a waiter’s corkscrew and because the cork was fragile I ended up with the cork pushed into an otherwise fine bottle.


It was an expensive lesson in the value of choosing a bottle opener best suited to the job you need it to do, and not one I’m keen to repeat.


Hi, I’m Martin and in a quest to find the best bottle opener, I’ve tried many and have a very nice collection. Some very expensive, some stylish and some really cool bottle openers that I’m happy to have sitting proudly on my bar.

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But when it comes to doing the job, when I ask the question ‘do they open a bottle of wine better than, or more efficiently than some other bottle openers?’ The answer is ‘not always‘. You can get some amazing-looking bottle openers that in reality do very little. It’s about knowing which ones work well.


It about the purpose and having the right bottle opener for the type of bottle, the cork, the number of bottles you are opening and your personal preferences.


We go into detail about the purpose of different types of bottle openers in the  article on this link.


As much as I have occasionally been frustrated with a product, it wasn’t until watching my parents age and become more frail that I realized how big a problem something as simple as opening a bottle can be. They were  experiencing those ‘age related’ problems and I saw the struggles that seniors face tackling basic tasks every day in a struggle to maintain their independence.


I know I’m not alone when I say I didn’t like feeling helpless to change their situation.  So I’ve also been searching for products that can make life easier.

A bottle opener set is the gift that keeps on giving

If you can’t think what to buy for a gift, a wine opener gift set is perfect for a wine lover. Think about a different type of wine opener like an Air Pressure or an Electric Secura that they may not have.  It’s always welcome and a gift you know will get used.


On this point I can assure you from personal experience. And these are often very reasonably priced gifts.

We’ve shined the spotlight on proven performers and practical bottle openers on this site. They serve different purposes, and are brands that we like.


Best openers for arthritis

Little things in life can make a big difference.


To help take the frustration out of not being able to do the things perhaps you used to, we’ll be sharing bottle openers that are good for those who are a little weaker.  If you’ve suffered a stroke or have a loved one who has been left debilitated I know you’ll understand.


There are products that help in a practical way to make life easier and we’ll share our experience.


Strength problems, like arthritic hands, dictate the type of wine opener you should be looking at buying. I suggest an electric wine opener. It makes life so much easier.

Little things mean a lot

We’ve an extensive range of bottle openers that we’ve bought and some very nice ones that I’ve been given over the years. Perhaps that says a lot about my penchant for a nice wine or maybe that my friends know me well.


Some may think it’s ‘only’ bottle openers but little things can mean a lot – and speak volumes when you’re entertaining.


With so many on the market how do you choose which is going to do the job for you... and keep on working effectively?  We’ve been putting them to the test and share what we find.


Thanks for visiting our site. Let’s look further at how we can make life easier, more efficient and enjoyable with the best bottle openers on the market.


If you have any suggestions or recommendations that you would like us to include, we’d love you to get in touch and share your experience. You may have come across a bottle opener that’s been especially helpful for a particular use, let us know and we can share your experience to help other readers.




Product rating

For the purpose of a product rating system we thought ‘why not keep with our drinking theme’.


And so to offer our thoughts to you for bottle openers we like and work well we created a rating system that you may come across throughout the site.


Sometimes as you’ll see there’s very little separating the top choices and will come down to personal preference.

This is the code we decided on: