Secura Electric Wine Opener is Easy to Use and Stylish

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If you’ve ever wrestled with a traditional corkscrew you’ll know exactly why it’s no surprise that the electric Secura bottle opener is a best seller. And you’ll understand why we’ve used and chosen to review this product. (Especially if you’ve had to open multiple bottles.)

A traditional corkscrew is fine for just 1 bottle, or until you push it into the cork at the wrong angle and small pieces of cork start breaking off either into the wine or your hand. That’s the time when you know it’s time to step it up and look at better options.


And that’s when a wine opener that has all the bells and whistles, is easy to use, and doesn’t break the bank becomes a very attractive proposition. It’s hard to look past the Secura stainless steel electric wine opener. In terms of beautiful color options and easy use this one fits the bill.

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What are we covering here?
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    Secura FAQ’s

    • This is a cordless electric wine opener that removes and releases the cork from a bottle of wine with a push of a button.
    • The addition of a foil cutter in the standard package means you don’t have to get a pair of scissors out just to get rid of the foil cap or wax before using your  opener.
    • This product is one of the most innovative and affordable wine openers.
    • A range of color options are available.

    Now for the detail

    How do I use an electric wine opener?

    • Remove foil
    • Place on top of the bottle holding the opener in an upright/vertical position.
    • Apply just a small amount of pressure as you press down on the opener above the bottle and depress the switch. (The corkscrew operates in a clockwise motion and automatically stops when the cork has been removed.)
    • Now press the top of the switch and the corkscrew will work in reverse (anti-clockwise) to release the cork.

    how to use an electric wine opener in a 4 step photo series

    What type of wine opener is  the Secura?

    • electric and rechargeable
    • there is also a portable, cordless design (powered by 4AA batteries) see 2nd on secura sets list below.
    • push button operation


    What is it made from?

    • This opener is made with a stainless steel handle and a clear shell around the screw area which means you can always clearly see when the cork has been fully removed from your bottle of wine.


    What colors can I choose?

    • champagne gold, blue, red, rose gold (which is a lovely pink), black


    What is the warranty?

    1 year manufacturer limited warranty

    Secura Electric Wine Opener, Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener with Foil Cutter, Rechargeable (Rose Gold)


    This is the rose gold option

    All about charging an electric wine opener

    Most Secure openers have a built-in rechargeable battery and sit on a stylish stand.


    They works on 100-240v wide input voltage range, (that’s North American electrical standard). Check compatibility in your country if outside US.


    Always fully charge the opener before using for the first time which will take at least 8 hours.


    There is a portable model (2nd on our sets list below) that is operated by 4AA batteries.


    When fully charged the Secura will open up to 30 bottles. It takes between 6 and 8 hours to fully charge on power charge.


    The manufacturer recommends that if you’re not using the opener regularly, it should be charged every 3 months to extend the battery life.

    comparison of electric wine openers with charging bases - style options

    Image source: Amazon

    Check price on Amazon


    How do I clean an electric wine opener?

    Never wash the opener by immersing in water and never place it in a dishwasher. Simply wipe over with a damp sponge and then wipe dry.

    **Caution:  Handle spiral with care. It is very sharp.


    Are Gift Sets available?

    Yes, if you’re wanting something a little extra special, Secura has a range of gift sets with a variety of additions.


    Gift set options included items like wine stoppers, vacuum pumps, chiller rod, wine aerator pourer or ice bucket and a portable model, perfect for picnics, powered by AA batteries. So depending on your budget you can go all out.


    This is the ideal gift for the wine lover or addition to your home bar  and available in a range of fashion colors to suit the personality of the lucky recipient. You can be sure it’s a gift that will be appreciated.


    To make sure your wine is always at the right temperature, there are 2 options that you can choose.

    • The Secura wine opener that has a built-in thermometer with digital display.  It reads and displays the temperature at the push of a button; or
    • Add a wine chilling rod to cool down your favorite red wine or to keep the bottle of pre-chilled white at a good drinking temperature. This is a gadget that can be handy in certain situations, especially if you’re enjoying the outdoors, or hosting a party or picnic.

    These are some package sets that we really liked and think they provide value for money.  They are listed in ascending order of price.  (Cheapest first)

    The elegant charging base of the Secura Electrical Wine Bottle Opener has LED lights and a digital display for the built-in thermometer. Wine temperature is read and displayed at the push of a button.

    Secura Wine Opener with thermometer and built-in display



    I could tell you that there’s close to 100% satisfaction for the product, but the reality is nothing is going to be 100%. However at more than 85% product satisfaction across the board that’s pretty impressive feedback and we’re more than happy to recommend this product.


    What We Like

    ‘The shell is transparent and you can see when the cork has been removed.


    The Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener corkscrew bottle opener has received positive feedback from hundreds of customers. These are some of the comments we’ve received about the product. 

    • ‘Unlike other models, the bottom section of the wine opener is transparent and it’s extremely easy to place it on the bottle for accurate cork removal.’
    • ‘Apart from being easy to accurately pull out the cork, you’re less likely to damage the screw against the glass bottle. You can see when the cork is fully removed.’
    • ‘The stainless steel design makes it a sturdy appliance.’
    • ‘The bottle opener comes with a stand which also acts as a charger. This means you don’t have to worry about whether or not your opener is charged when you want to use it.’
    • ‘The charging process is very easy because of the LED light which signals when the opener is fully charged.’


    Customers who complimented the design also love the fact that the foil cutter works properly. (It’s an unfortunate reality that so many times we buy something and it actually doesn’t work as expected.)


    What We Don’t Like

    Although there’s very little not to like, it has been reported that on a few occasions there were power issues within a few uses. This meant the opener struggled to open bottles as efficiently as it did when new.


    It’s was also noted that there was a report of the model completely ceasing to function within a matter of months. A small portion of customers reported that their wine opener stopped working once a cork got stuck in it. From there they hadn’t seemed to be able to resolve the problem.


    Despite some negative reviews, this wine opener received 5-star ratings the overwhelming majority of the time. And don’t forget, it has a 1 year manufacturer limited warranty on its side.


    stainless steel wine opener, clear blue light and stainless steel

    Final Thoughts

    Changing over to put your trust in an electric wine opener can be hard, especially if you’re used to doing things the traditional way. We understand that feeling.


    But for a great price with a range of features, you’ll be impressed with the Secura Electric wine opener and wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.


    Ultimately determining the best bottle opener for your needs depends on whether you want to use it at home, for parties, or in your catering or beverage business. It depends on the number of bottles you want to open and the speed at which you need them opened.


    You might also need to take into consideration physical capabilities. Opening bottles of wine can be difficult even if you don’t suffer from an arthritic condition or have a little less hand strength. An electric is an excellent choice.


    You’ll also have to consider your budget because some types of wine openers are significantly more expensive than others. For example, electric, air pressure, and lever wine openers cost more than traditional and waiter’s corkscrews. Find out more in our guide with details of other bottle opener options here.


    Our Buying Advice

    If you’d like to find out more about the Secura electric wine opener then head over to Amazon to read reviews and find best prices. (And free shipping straight to your doorstep.)


    Useful Links

    User instruction manual and manufacturer warranty can be found on this link

    Check best price on Amazon

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