Metrokane Wine Bottle Opener Gift Set is a Smooth Operator

A perfect gift for the wine lover, the Metrokane ‘Rabbit’ lever corkscrew is teamed up with useful bar accessories in this package. It’s a gift to please even the most difficult person to buy for.


In a nutshell, this wine opener set nails the ‘stylish and practical’ combination to complement any home bar.

Let’s dive into the detail to show you why we came to this conclusion.

Original Rabbit corkscrew by Metrokane in a wine set

Where to find what you want to know

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Why choose a Metrokane wine opener?

Metrokane has the runs on the board. They’ve been around since 1983 and stand behind their Rabbit branded wine openers with a 10 year warranty. In fact the orginal rabbit corkscrew has to be considered a jewel in Metrokane’s crown.


It’s an award winner so you can be confident you’re buying a quality tested product in Metrokane’s Rabbit corkscrew. Made to last the corkscrew and tools are constructed from high quality materials. 


Elegantly finished in a choice of brushed black or soft silver velvet the wine opener is designed so opening any bottle of wine is not only easy, but quick courtesy of the smooth fluid action provided via the lever handle and grip design.


As a specialist in bar products, Metrokane has a range of useful accessories like the stoppers, chilling Carafe, waiter’s corkscrew, wine sealers rechargeable electric corkscrew and Houdini rabbit corkscrew.  (Note the Houdini corkscrew comes with a 5 year warranty whereas the Rabbit is covered by 10 year warranty.)


What’s good to know?

By the way, Metrokane corkscrews have been independently tested for 20,000 cork pulls. It’s assumed the worm (or spiral) will be replaced after 1,000 pulls. The package comes with 1 worm installed and 1 extra.


  • After opening your first 2,000 bottles (approx) and it’s time for a replacement worm, they’re readily available. See the addendum at the bottom of the page for links to Metrokane replacement worm for Rabbit and Houdini corkscrews spirals.
  • In case you’re not familiar with what a ‘wax whacker’ is, it’s purpose is to remove wax and flip the wax off the wine cork.
  • To use the foil cutter you just have to use a ‘squeeze and twist’ motion to cut away the foil covering.
  • A wine sealer should fit tightly around the bottle neck and is used to preserve freshness of wine for longer and maintain champagne bubbles.
  • The set buy gives value. When we compared prices, you’re not paying much more for the bar accessories.

Check the soft silver Rabbit Opener here


Is a lever corkscrew easy to use?

It’s almost effortless and operated using a simply lever action. You don’t need any arm strength to pull out even the toughest of corks. The handles clamp around the neck of the bottle. Push the lever to drive the worm into the cork and lift the lever to pull the cork out of the bottle. To release the cork clamp handles around cork and repeat the same lever action.


using a rabbit wine opener

About the product

What type of wine opener is it?
  • Known as the Rabbit wine opener, or lever corkscrew
  • size 8.46″ x 7.5″
What finish is available?

Choose from either

What’s included?

The gift set includes the Rabbit lever corkscrew packaged up with accessories

  • Drip stop pourer/ stopper
  • Foil cutter
  • ‘Wax whacker’ – to remove stubborn wax from cork
  • Extra replacement sprial – easy to replace when needed
  • Champagne sealer
  • 10 years on the cork puller

We’ve shared our thoughts and experience of the features and functionality of this product. Here’s some feedback we’ve found from customers who’ve taken the time to add their experience.


Why do customers rate this package a winner?

  1. Many have compared it to similar wine openers on the market they’ve used and reported that it works much smoother than other models. It’s worth paying the little extra. (If you’ve ever battled with a bottle opener then you’ll know this is gold.)
  2. Of almost 100 customers who gave this model a top rating, nearly all highlighted the quality and that fact that it just works.
  3. It’s stylish design, and exceptionally easy to use. A bottle of wine can be opened in seconds.
  4. Other people reported after buying one as a gift, they decided to get one for themselves after seeing how good it looks and how well it works.
  5.  The bar accessories are reported by customers to work extremely well.

What’s not to like about the Rabbit?

I’m not going to lie; are all buyers a 100% happy? No. But if you have any problems, with a 10 year warranty Metrokane’s Rabbit wine opener has reputation on it’s side. That’s definitely a ‘Metrokane stand behind the product they sell’ moment. Adding in the warranty it’s hard to find too much not to like. Most buyers rate this product an average 4 to 5/5, like the product and are impressed.


I like this product too and that’s why I recommend this package.


Our Buying Advice

If you’ve decided that this wine opener set is the one for you, we suggest you head over to Amazon as they offer great competitive prices and free shipping straight to your doorstep.

View Brushed Black option on Amazon


Stylish and functional, the Rabbit wine bottle opener is a top choice to consider.

  1. Metrokane’s Rabbit model stands the test of time with warranty back up.
  2. Easy to use with practical additional bar accessories.

Providing the perfect combination of function and form, the set is packaged with practical accessories making it a popular gift and always well received. Whether you’re welcoming new people to the neighborhood, going to a friend’s housewarming, attending a birthday or an anniversary, the original rabbit wine bottle opener is the ideal present for a home entertainer.


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