The Ivation Wine Opener – The Solution to Twisting and Pulling Corks

With a touch button operation to remove a cork, it doesn’t come any more uncomplicated than looking at an electric wine opener for an easy top choice. And the Ivation wine opener is one of the best at making awkward twisting and pulling a thing of the past. 


Ivation is a well-known name in wine accessories with a large range of wine cooler refrigerators. You can be confident this company knows what they’re doing when it comes to handling wine. Whether you’re looking to open a bottle or for the best storage solutions.

Ivation Wine Gift Set, Includes Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener, Wine Aerator, Electric Vacuum Wine Preserver, 2 Bottle Stoppers, Foil Cutter & LED Charging Base

If the streamlined design of the corkscrew isn’t enough to impress, the items the Ivation wine opener comes packaged with in the 7 piece set certainly will.

Ivation Wine Set
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    From a practical point of view, the Ivation wine gift set is a good choice as it includes the accessories you need to enhance your wine drinking experience. All organized on a stylish base.


    Though don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re trading convenience for ugly. In stylish stainless steel this is a good looking addition to the bar or kitchen bench at your fingertips, sitting on the base ready with the opener and aerator. 

    What’s included in the package?

    The Ivation 7 piece wine gift set

    Corkscrew extractor – At the touch of a button you’ll be uncorking bottles.

    Electric Vacuum preserver – This is used to preserve the freshness of the wine for longer. The electric wine pump removes air from open bottles.

    Stoppers x 2- with date stamp. These are used to reseal open bottles.

    Charging base – Keep accessories organized. No more rummaging around in the second drawer to find what you need. The tools sit on the blue LED charging base (power station) ready for you when you need them.

    Power adapter

    2 in 1 Aerator/Pourer – Pour and not drip. An Aerator facilitates the interaction between the wine with air to accelerate oxidation. This encourages the wine to release its aroma and the process enhances the flavor. And that’s all while you pour.

    Foil cutter – Remove foil from the bottle, fuss free.


    In case you’re wondering how much space you’ll need for this beauty, the dimensions of the charging base are 7.9″ x 4.3″ x 1″ (200 x110x25mm).


    Warranty:  1-year limited manufacturer warranty

    How does the Electric Wine Opener Work?

    This is an excellent video which shows how to use the accessories.

    FAQ’s about the Ivation Wine Opener

    How to use the Opener

    1. Always remove any seal from the bottle before using the wine opener.
    2. Hold the bottle securely and place wine opener vertically on top of bottle. Hold firmly.
    3. Press and hold the down arrow (pull button).
    4. The spiral works in a clockwise direction moving down the cork to gradually remove it. Just let the wine opener do the work. No need for you to apply extra pressure here.
    5. The lower portion of the bottle opener is clear which allows you to see the cork. The indicator will go off.
    6. Carefully lift the wine opener off the bottle. 
    7. Press and hold the release button (up arrow) to remove the cork. The spiral turns in an anticlockwise direction.

    When not in use, keep the opener on its charging base to protect the mechanism.


    Note: This opener can be used to remove traditional or synthetic corks.


    How to Use the Aerator

    Place onto the neck of the bottle. The aerator should fit securely. The lip allows for a smooth pouring action without drips and spills.


    How does the Vacuum wine preserver work?

    If you have an open bottle of wine and want to keep it fresh for longer, a Vacuum wine preserver is the way to go.


    A wine preserver removes air from an open bottle of wine to extend the freshness period of the remaining wine. The process keeps wine fresh for between 3 to 5 days.


    1. Place the wine bottle on a flat surface and insert a stopper.
    2. Hold the bottle neck and stopper firmly and place the mouth of the preserver over the wine stopper. Keep bottle, stopper and preserver in a straight, vertical position over the bottle.
    3. Push down on stopper & at the same time press the power ‘on’ button.
    4. Keep pressing the power button until the noise stops. It becomes slower and will stop after about 20 seconds.
    5. You should only need to go through this process once if the bottle contains more than 1/2 a bottle of wine. If less than 1/2 a bottle you may need to repeat the process.
    6. Set the Date – Use the down arrow indicator to record the date the bottle was sealed. Swivel the silver ring clockwise until it points to the date.
    7. To reopen a sealed bottle, gently ease the stopper from the bottle.


    How to charge the unit

    Before using for the first time, the wine opener and wine preserver should be charged for 12 hours (at least).


    Once charged you should get to open 30 bottles on a single charge. Note: There’s no need to leave the unit plugged in the whole time. Opener will be ready and waiting to serve you your next wine.


    • Place wine opener and wine preserver onto the charging base.
    • Connect the power plug to power socket on charging base and insert into power outlet.
    • The charging indicator will signal that the battery is charging by lighting up in blue. Note: It takes 10 to 12 hours to fully charge the battery.
    • Switch off and remove power plug from the base.

    Caring for the vacuum wine preserver

    • Remove and place preserver on the charging base until next time its needed.
    • Wipe wine preserver and base with a soft dry cloth.
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    It’s pleasing to see feedback recognizing the products ease of use and comments like these.

    • ‘I was tired of struggling with corks on wine bottles ..I love this …’
    •  ‘….the cork comes out easily. … recommended for everyone, especially seniors and people with arthritis in their hands..’ 
    • ‘great product and great customer service’

    Is there a 100% satisfaction feedback from everyone? No. But with thousands of reviews, and close to 9 out 10 people rating it highly, we are happy to recommend this product.


    With a 1 year manufacturer limited warranty this wine set represents value for money for ease of use, styling, design and price point.


    And if your set just keeps on keeping on, when the time comes, an Ivation replacement electric opener is available (under $20 US at time of writing) so you don’t need to replace the whole set.


    If you’re looking for a wine gift set gift, this is a winner.


    Buying Advice

    At around $50 US at time of writing, the 7 piece Ivation wine gift set is at a ‘value for money’ price for a housewarming gift or birthday. That is of course if you can bear to part with it yourself.


    The Ivation electric wine opener is a popular product. To make sure you get the best value for your money by way of comparison shopping, you can check best prices on Amazon here.


    Find out more on Amazon


    Caring for an Electric Wine Opener

    • Caution – the corkscrew is sharp. Take care when handling.
    • Don’t force the corkscrew. Hold it by the outer housing and let the corkscrew do the work.
    • Don’t immerse in water or put in a dishwasher. Simply wipe outer housing with a damp cloth as necessary and dry thoroughly.
    • Product contains a rechargeable battery – don’t dispose of product on, or in, a fire.


    Why does a synthetic cork get stuck on a corkscrew spiral?

    • It’s because synthetic corks are smaller and dense in texture. They don’t swell, or expand, like traditional corks and this can cause a synthetic cork to become stuck on the spiral.

    How do I remove a synthetic cork from a spiral?

    • If the cork sticks on the spiral hold the cork firmly with small pliers and press the release button (up button). Allow the cork to gradually be released as spiral turns.

    Why is it hard to remove the Wine Preserver from the wine stopper?

    • Suction is the issue here. Hold the bottle neck and stopper and break the suction seal by tilting the wine preserver away from the stopper. 

    Useful Links

    Ivation User Guide here

    Replacement corkscrew : Ivation Replacement Electric Wine Opener

    Ivation Wine Gift Set, Includes Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener, Wine Aerator, Electric Vacuum Wine Preserver, 2 Bottle Stoppers, Foil Cutter & LED Charging Base

    What if I’m still undecided?

    Still unsure if you want to change to an electric bottle opener? The perfect wine opener depends on your personal needs. You should be asking yourself

    • how difficult do I find opening bottles?
    • how many people will be at my function? or
    • how many bottles need to be opened?

    Life can get more difficult if you have wrist weakness or arthritic hands. These are painful problems and can be quite debilitating when you simply want to enjoy a bottle of wine. This is when an electric wine opener becomes invaluable.


    If you’re planning on opening a large number of bottles, a traditional corkscrew won’t do the job. Look for a product that’s quick and easy to use, reliable and strong enough to cope with volume.


    The Ivation wine set meets this criteria, and a whole lot more. When you’ve decided an electric is the direction you want to go in, this set gives you everything you need in an easy-to-use package. And it’s not going to break the bank.


    The Ivation electric wine opener is impressive at a budget price.